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​Shop Information

【 le19eme 】

A vintage accessory shop with a cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo.We sell new pendants and Rings.Rings can only be bought at this store.
◆Address: 1-19-19 B1F,Minamicho,Kichijoji,Musashino-shi,Tokyo,Japan.
◆Daylight Saving Time:16:00pm~22:30pm/Sunday 12:30~19:00 
◆Regular holiday: Monday,Tuseday

【Online Shop】

International shipping is available.If you find a product you want from the shop, please contact us
email : for Inquiries.

​◆Shop Link

【Shinagawa Atelier Salon

Our atelier salon full of creativity is located in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Contact Us
E-mail :
Address: 1-5-14,Minamishinagawa,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo,Japan.
Station: 7 minutes by taxi from Shinagawa Station.
Phone: +81-80-6618-2091
◆Open 14pm~Closed 18pm


We are looking for a company or person to organize our exhibition.
We want many people to meet our products.  People become happy when they encounter the beauty of nature, creating a more peaceful and beautiful society.