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Jewelry you meet at AQUARYLIS is a part of you.The light you brought with you when you were born is captured within the gemstones you choose.

When it is time for you to realize who you really are, you will meet gemstones that hold special messages for you and by wearing them as jewelry, they will help you radiate your charm, your power and your true essence to the world.

Jewelry that can be loved for a long time...

It takes about 60 years for a 1cm gem to grow. A beautiful gem is a piece of the earth. Thanks to this bounty and feelings for the environment, Focused on the “real” brilliance rather than thin profits We deliver jewelry.

The best energy for you

Gemstones purify and power charge in the sacred places of the world. Gemstones  are taken to those rivers and charged with energy in beautiful clear water. As you might have noticed, Aquarylis contains a word “aqua” which means water, a symbol of creation. In our world, the energy of creation is fundamental. By charging the energy of water, we hope to activate affluent creativity within you.

Jewelery message to create happiness

The artist interacts with the stone and receives a message of happiness for you. The name of the jewelry work is a message to you.We hope much happiness is created in your life and to this Earth through Aquarylis’ jewelry.

About Us

AQUARYLIS is a coined word with the meanings of 「AQUA = creation」 and 「RYLIS = Goddess who pioneers a way of life」.


Artist ANGEL RAY established his own brand through the jewelry industry. She has been identifying gemstones for 18 years.

We buy high quality stones from the world's largest American Tucson exhibition. Ray interacts with the stone and makes jewelry using 14K gold filled and silver wire.


We make only one jewelry in the world. May a lot of happiness be created in your days. We deliver with such feelings.


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